RIRS with Flex X2 using Holimum Urological Laser
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On a bleak Sunday morning, as I was on duty working as a doctor in newborn medicine at the Royal London hospital in the UK, I got the ....
Flexible Ureteroscopy and RIRS (Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery)

Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery represents a triumphant convergence of cutting edge medicine and engineering. Incredible miniaturization, precise optics and matching accessories, chiefly Holmium Laser provides the technology. Surgical skill takes care of the rest! RIRS and mini-PERC (miniature drill removal of stones) are the latest in urological stone management.

Stones sitting in calyces or occasionally in the renal pelvis that are not easily amenable to shock wave lithotripsy can be challenging. RIRS can help avoid the use of percutaneous drilling in many patients. Select tumors can also be managed.

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