RIRS with Flex X2 using Holimum Urological Laser
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On a bleak Sunday morning, as I was on duty working as a doctor in newborn medicine at the Royal London hospital in the UK, I got the ....

Pelvic Pain

Pelvic pain is a notoriously difficult entity to diagnose and treat! This is partly because the condition is not a single disease but a group of conditions that can cause pain. The treatment consists of careful assessment to exclude the various causes of pain one-by-one followed by treatment directed at the most probable cause of pain. Several such individuals land up in the Urologist’s clinic. In selected individuals, pelvic floor stimulation therapy using the Urostym device may help. In those with intractable bladder pain, intravesical instillation of medication, hydrodistension of bladder under anesthesia, or botulinum toxin injections may help (see Painful bladder syndrome).

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